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The Battier Take Charge Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps raise college money for at-risk kids
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    As a leader on and off the court, Shane Battier firmly believes that the future of our youth rests in higher education. The Battier Take Charge Foundation, established by Shane and Heidi, is dedicated to providing resources for the development and education of underserved youth and teens.

    With initial focus in Houston, Miami and Detroit, the Battiers' charge is to encourage and inspire a new generation of potential leaders through educational opportunities and the cultivation of effective leadership skills.

    Shane and Heidi both grew up in Birmingham, Michigan, and met in the 7th grade where they attended Detroit Country Day School. After graduating high school, Heidi attended Villanova University, where she played varsity field hockey, graduating with a BA in Communication. Shane went on to earn a BA in Religion from Duke University, where he became an All-American basketball player, winning the National Championship his senior year (2001) and establishing himself as one of the all time winningest players in the history of college basketball.

    They married in July 2003, and have one son and one daughter.