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The Battier Take Charge Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps raise college money for at-risk kids
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“The Battier Take Charge Foundation has given me the torch of success that I will carry enthusiastically across the finish line”

RickiErvinRicki: ”My name is Ricki, and I recently graduated from KIPP Houston High School. I am about to start college at Ohio Northern University. When I received the Shane Battier Take Charge Foundation scholarship, I was more than thrilled. I was ecstatic! I was overwhelmed with joy, honestly. This Scholarship and the wonderful people behind it have helped me so much that I don’t know what I would do without them. My family and I were struggling so much before this scholarship that we didn’t know how we would pay for the rest of my tuition. Thankfully, I got a call that I was the recipient of the scholarship, and it was one of the happiest moments of my life! Now I can go on to become an author and psychologist like I’ve always planned! I want to say thank you to Shane Battier and all of the people involved for caring about my dreams:)”

David: ”I was born in Kingston, Jamaica and immigrated to America when I was seven. I was raised in the impoversihed Liberty City community all my years in America. I live in a single parent household with a work-exhausted mother. I realized school was my only outlet after being involved in gang related activities. Later down the road, I graduated valedictorian of my high school class and received some of the biggest scholarships in my school history. I matriculated to the University of Florida and am maintaining straight A’s with the exception of one A-.”

LaurenTarrLauren: ”This year I’m entering my senior year at Northern Michigan University double majoring in Environmental Science and French. While studying at NMU I’ve been involved in many wonderful organizations ranging from groups that promote sustainable living to local Habitat for Humanity projects to clubs that just revel in the enjoyment of nature. My commitment to the sciences and interest in learning French both relate to my career goal of being involved in wildlife conservation in Africa. Thanks to all of the support I’ve received from the Battier Foundation over the last three years I was able to study abroad in Tanzania for five months my junior year. This extraordinary opportunity allowed me to take conservation courses alongside Tanzanian students and furthered my desire to work in Africa after I graduate. While abroad I was able to visit many of the gorgeous National Parks across Tanzania in my free time. This photograph of me was taken in Mang’ula Village outside of Udzungwa National Park, where I was showing some children how to use binoculars and identify the birds near their home. I look forward to starting my final year of college, and am immensely grateful for the help that the Battiers have provided me in fulfilling my college goals.”


Malcolm: ”Well, I’ve actually started my second year of study at Prairie View A&M University. I hope and pray that I won’t find it hard settling in to my classes, professors and dorm life. Many of the students I met my first semester here are no longer attending either because of poor grades, poor decisions or no money to make it happen. I’m so fortunate because I have Shane & Heidi Battier supporting me through The Battier Take Charge Foundation. My involvement on campus so far is with The Students Serving Students Association (SSSA) and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). As a member of SSSA, my focus is to make a difference in the community and on campus by helping people develop a better understanding of how free enterprise systems work and how to use this information to empower themselves and achieve new success. As a member of IEEE, a non profit professional association, I am dedicated to advancing technological innovation related to electricity. In addition to these campus organizations I am still involved with serving my community at home and here on campus as an AmeriCorps member. With AmeriCorps I help the elderly to paint, cut grass, build handicap ramps in addition to mentoring and tutoring youth from elementary to the high school level at local schools and The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston. Being a part of a college campus has allowed me an opportunity to grow and learn while helping others. This would not have been possible had it not been for the dedication of The Battier Take Charge Foundation supporting me throughout this highway of life that many can not afford to get on. This experience has given me hope in tomorrow and the ability to go forward today. As a recipient of this blessing, I can rest assured knowing that The Battier Take Charge Foundation is there when I need them the most, all I have to do is call.”

JackieKhongJackie: ”Growing up without an older brother or sister to have as a role-model or for guidance, I learned to be independent and search for what I want. With the help of KIPP and my family, during high school I was able to study abroad in China and England. That is when I discovered my love of traveling and experiencing new cultures that led to my major of International Studies of Commerce with a foreign language of Spanish at Texas A&M University. College students constantly have to worry about financial aid, but I am proud to say that it will not be an obstacle for me thanks to the Shane Battier Take Charge Foundation. I appreciate the opportunity I was given to meet Newell Fleming and Mr. and Mrs. Battier because they reminded me that when I am successful in the future, I still want to stay humble and give back to my community.”

Brittnee: ”My name is Brittnee; I am a junior in the undergraduate college at Emory University. I am a Religion and Sociology double major and I plan to go to into social work and counseling. I would like to serve in a rehabilitation center for troubled teens and assist with teens who have experienced sexual abuse. I spend most of my time in Residence Life as a resident advisor helping to manage the well-being of upperclassmen Emory students. As an RA, I am required to create nine programs for my students which will engage their minds, encourage their growth as responsible students, and facilitate an attitude of service. Although being an RA is a challenge, the crew team helps me to stay fit and stress free. Crew is similar to the RA position in that it is very time consuming however the challenge of crew is physical one. Crew is known to be the second fittest sport, next to cross-country, so it keeps me on my toes! In order to stay spiritually fit, I attend Grace Midtown Church and I am involved in an on-campus ministry called Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. My entire experience with Take Charge has been just that, an experience that has taught me that I can take charge of my future and take advantage of my opportunities. I am incredibly grateful to have Take Charge’s contributions to my enrichment here at Emory. Take Charge has also inspired me to continue to bless others whenever I am able, because Take Charge is truly a blessing for me.

ElviraMarquezElvira: ”I am Elvira and I am studying biochemistry at the University of Texas at Austin. Becoming a Longhorn had been a dream since I was in sixth grade and I plan on making the best out of my four years here, but I would not be here without the support of God and my family, and the generosity of the Battier Take Charge Foundation. As for the fall, I plan to first do well in my classes and get involved in research. Research is something I enjoy doing and have recently signed up as a research volunteer with a professor studying down syndrome. I have committed to ten hours a week and hope to be a beneficial part to the research team. Apart from school-related activities, joining a cooking club or enrolling in a piano course are things I hope to get involved in as well! This journey has just started and I love it! College will be tough but it is a journey I have set my mind to completing.”